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Health & Fitness



  1.  Students who are not in the locker room when the bell rings are considered tardy.
  2. NO food, gum, or drinks in the locker room or gym.
  3. NO perfume, body spray, aerosols or glass containers.
  4. NO HORSEPLAY!!!  (pushing, shoving, chasing, etc.)
  5. Lock ALL your belongings in your locker while you are in class.
  7. Keep noise to a minimum.  No slamming doors, whistling, singing or shouting.
  8. Do not deface lockers, walls, or white boards.
  9. Sit on benches and stay in the locker room until instructed to leave.
  10. Check your area for clothes, books and garbage before you are dismissed.

GYM Class

  1. Come into the gym, find your assigned attendance spot, and sit down.
  2. Use the equipment when and how instructed. Hanging on or hitting the basketball nets is not permitted.
  3. Treat volleyball and badminton nets with care.  Do not pull or hang on them.  Please go around the nets.
  4. You must be dressed down to use the weight machines.
  5. The gym areas are off limits except during your fitness/health period or while participating in athletics or intramurals.
  6. Follow the rules of the games.


  1.  Be on time. Tardiness = loss of points.
  2.  Come to class ready to listen and learn.
  3.  Give your best effort.
  4.  Be courteous to all members of your class and other classes.
  5. No profanity at any time.
  6. When you miss class, you are responsible for getting a make-up sheet to receive credit for the day.
  7. If you are injured during class, let your teacher know immediately.


  • WHAT TO WEAR: PE clothing should be worn only during PE and not during any other period.   Students who are not properly dressed for P.E./fitness class may not be allowed to participate, which will affect their grade.
  • T-SHIRT – Gray KSD Fitness/PE shirt. Sold in the main office for $5.00. The student’s name needs to be on his or her PE clothing.
  • SHORTS - Solid navy or black athletic shorts, fingertip length or longer. These may be brought from home or purchased in the main office.
  • SHOES – For safety reasons you will need to wear non-marking athletic shoes to be able to participate in class activities.  Dress shoes, sandals, boots or shoes with heels will not be acceptable.  Shoes must be tied or strapped tightly during activities.
  • SWEATS - Because we will be outdoors for many activities, sweats may be worn OVER your regular PE clothes.  Sweats may be any color you choose and are NOT the clothes you wore to school.  Sweats are an OPTIONAL part of the activity clothing.
  • TIGHTS & LEGGINGS-PE shorts are to be worn over tights and leggings.
  • WATER BOTTLES- Since we do NOT have access to water on the athletic fields, during warm weather it is a good idea for students to bring a labeled water bottle on days they will be outside.


  • A lock and locker will be issued at the beginning of the year. DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN LOCK FROM HOME. It will be cut off.  Use your assigned locker all year.
  • Each student is responsible for the safe keeping of his or her own clothing and possessions.
  • Students need to keep their lock combinations CONFIDENTIAL!
  • Each student is responsible for returning the lock at the end of the year.
  • A $7.00 fine will be assessed for lost locks.  If the lock turns up, your money will be returned.


  • Any student excused from activity/fitness day for 1-3 days needs a dated, written excuse, signed by a parent or guardian, and given to teacher.
  • If a student has an injury that keeps the student from participating longer than three days an excused note by a doctor is requested.  Please have the doctor prescribe some possible alternative activities in which the student may participate.
  •  Students missing a class must do make-up work to receive credit for the day. Each day missed required 30 minutes of aerobic workout. One day = 30 min, two days = 60 min.  Remember you have one week, from day of return, to do the make-up.
  • Make-up forms are available from your instructor.  It is the student’s responsibility to pick up this form.  If it is lost, pick up a new one from your teacher or print one off from the DH Health and Fitness web site.


During activity/fitness days each student will earn a possible five points per day by dressing down, actively participating, following rules and instructions, etc. (usually 25 points per week).  Failure to correctly participate in the activities mentioned above will result in a lower grade.


Health & Fitness Documents