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June 19, 2017

Supply List

6th Grade Supply List:

Specific teachers may ask for additional supplies once school begins, but these should be a great start. We recommend you stock up in the summer while the prices are low.

Necessary supplies for all students:

  1. One combination lock, which is available for $5 during Fifth Grade Hawk Night or at the school office. Locks also can be purchased at the store.

  2. One three-ring binder, two to three inches wide, to be used for all classes.

  3. One three-ring zippered pouch for pencils, pens and loose supplies.

  4. Dividers for a three-ring binder. Eight tabs or two-pocket folders will work.

  5. 300 sheets or more of three-hole loose filler paper, in wide or college rule.

  6. Three dozen or more No. 2 pencils.

  7. Pink Pearl-type Erasers.

  8. Three to five different light-colored highlighter markers.

  9. Five composition notebooks

Highly Suggested Supplies

Scissors, glue sticks, a pack of blue/black pens and colored pencils.

P.E. Fitness Attire

  1. Kennewick School District P.E. T-shirt. Purchase is required at Desert Hills Middle School. Cost is $5.

  2. Plain navy blue or black shorts, athletic length. Students can bring their own, or shorts are available for $10 at the school.

  3. Athletic shoes. Students are advised to bring an extra pair to keep in their P.E. locker.

  4. Deodorant to keep in P.E. locker. PLEASE NO SPRAYS.

Students DO NOT Need:

  1. A combination lock for PE. One will be provided.

  2. A planner. Each student receives one the first day.

Other Appreciated Items

  1. Tissues, tissues and more tissues!

  2. Gallon- or quart-size plastic baggies.