On Line Sports Registration Guidelines

A parent account must be created. If you do not have an active parent account for your student, you will need the ACCESS CODE and ACCESS PASSWORD. Please call Mrs. Gregory at 222-6619 for this information. Parents cannot register for sports under student account.

Parents must log into Power School at > Parents > Power School. This must be completed using a laptop/computer NOT from the phone app.  Chrome browser should be used.

In the Unified Classroom NAVIGATION box (located on left side) click QUICK LINKS > MAIN PORTAL PAGE > SPORTS CLEARANCE (football logo). The following must be completed:

                        *Sports Clearance Form

                        *Emergency Information Form

                        *Sport Specific Form - Guardian name must be typed in box in the lower right corner.

***If there is a required field that does not apply to student please type NONE or N/A in that field. ***

The following forms must be read:

                        *Concussion Form

                        *Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form

                        *Anti-Hazing Form

                        *Training Rules Form

Check “YES” you have read & approved - type parent name/student name at the bottom & submit.

Blank physical forms can be printed online at > Parents>Forms>Athletics and Activities Middle School.  Completed physicals must be submitted to the ASB office before athlete can attend tryouts. Physicals are valid 2 years from exam date.

ASB & Sport User fees must be paid before participating. Debit/Credit card payment can be made online. Cash or check payments ONLY can be made in the ASB office.

**2019 Fall sports – Football, Cross Country, Soccer & Volleyball fees can be paid online with debit/credit card beginning 8/1/19. Cash or check payments can be made in the ASB office beginning 8/14/19.

**PLEASE NOTE** The ASB office will close for the summer from June 24th – August 13th. The office will open Wednesday, August 14th