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Welcome to Desert Hills Middle School

"Home of the Hawks"

Desert Hills Middle School's mission is to provide a safe environment in which every student reaches his or her highest potential and is well prepared for success in secondary school education. 

Principal: Steve Jones
Assistant Principal: Ann Wilson
Assistant Principal: Dan Meyer

     It’s always fun to come back to school after a long summer to see the excitement and anticipation on the faces of the students and staff!  Two years ago we started with a brand new school and 820 students!  With all the growth in West Kennewick, however, we started out last year with over 860 students!  So far this year we are at 911 students!  Our new school is magnificent!  We have plenty of space so our students don’t feel crowded or rushed between classes, and even with all the growth in this part of town, we still don’t need portables! 

     This year we will again be focusing on literacy skills, math skills, and improving the quality of instruction we deliver to students.  Staff members will be attending weekly workshops and professional learning communities to analyze student data, adjust curriculum accordingly, create common assessments and work on improving their teaching skills and techniques. 

     The School Board has again asked us to increase the amount of time struggling students spend in math and reading classes.  This year we have reading lab and math lab classes for students who score below the 30th percentile on their MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) Tests.  Our goal is to help them achieve “catch-up” growth and be at grade level before they move on to the high school.

     Parents have access to their students’ grades and assignments through the Parent Portal.  You should have already received your student’s password and instructions on how to use our Parent Portal.  Also, every teacher has a computer in his or her classroom.  Please feel free to e-mail your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.  Teachers usually answer their e-mails within 24 hours.

     I hope your child has a wonderful and productive school year in our beautiful new school!  Desert Hills is truly an awesome place to be!

Steve Jones