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June 19, 2017

Supply List 2018/19

6th Grade Supply List:

Specific teachers may ask for additional supplies once school begins, but these should be a GREAT start! We recommend that you STOCK UP on these items (buy extra) in the summer while the prices are low!

Necessary Supplies (For all students):

  1. Combination Lock (available during 5th Grade Hawk Night or in the office) - $5.00
    1. –OR– this can be purchased at the store
  2. One binder - 3 ring, 2-3 inches- (to be used for all classes)
  3. One 3-ring zippered pouch for pencils, pens, and loose supplies
  4. Dividers for 3-Ring Binder - 8 Tabs will do
    1. Or 2 pocket folders also acceptable)
  5. 300 sheets (or more) 3-Hole Loose Filler Paper (Wide or college rule)
  6. Three dozen (or more) #2 Pencils
  7. Erasers (Pink Pearl type)
  8. 3-5 different light-colored Highlighters
  9. 5 Composition Notebooks (all 5 core content classes)

Highly Suggested Supplies

Scissors, glue sticks, pack of blue/black pens, & colored pencils

PE Fitness Attire

  1. KSD PE t-shirt (Purchase required @ DHMS - $5.00)
  2. Plain Navy blue or black shorts, athletic length (Your own OR available for purchase @ DHMS -$10.00)Athletic shoes (an extra pair to keep in your PE locker)
  3. Deodorant to keep in PE locker (PLEASE NO SPRAYS)

Students DO NOT Need:

  1. A combo lock for PE – this will be provided
  2. A planner – each student receives one the first day!

Other Appreciated Items

  1. Tissues, tissues, & more tissues! (We use a BUNCH)
  2. Plastic baggies (gallon or quart)