Cross Country

Hawks Cross Country 2018!

Welcome to Desert Hills Cross Country!

Our goal is to help every runner improve during the season, no matter where they start on the depth chart.

Desert Hills Cross Country has had great teams in the past and we hope to continue that tradition in 2018.

Cross Country practice starts the first day of school (August 28th).  Practice will be right after school and last until 4:30 on every day except Wednesday. 

Wednesday practices will be at 6:30 a.m., please drop your athlete off in front of the main office doors.

Athletes need to bring all of their stuff to practice, they will not be going back into the school after practice.

Athletes need to bring water.  There is no drinking water available on the fields.

If you show up in August without any mileage expect to be sore for the first week. It would be fantastic if everyone would start to get a few miles in; 3 days a week, the first of August.  Gradually build up to 4-5 days a week by the end of the month. 2-5 miles a day is perfectly fine.  The courses we race on are generally 2.0 miles.

Clearance Paperwork:  All sports paperwork is online now (see attached ½ sheet on yellow). The online paperwork has to be filled out via Power School off of the districts website…, the APP will not work for paperwork. You must have the on-line paperwork filled out and submitted by August 27th or you will not be able to practice the first day!

Physical: Every athlete needs a sports physical.  Physicals are good for two years.  You can get a physical form from me or it is available online as well.

You can contact me with any questions now or during the summer.

Enjoy your summer and get some miles in!


Coach Phillips