Friday, March 3rd  Dress in NEON

Tickets go on sale during lunches starting Wednesday,March 1st

Neon glow sticks and jewelry  for sale 2/$1.00;pizza and pop will cost $2.00 and

Fancy cupcakes  $1.00 (will benefit  Attendance Matters)

2:45 - 4:00 p.m. 


In an effort recover lost instructional time from snow days, there will be no early releases on Wednesdays or for report card prep for the remainder of the school year.

Please visit the district website for more information.


After school homework room available


Mr.Grillo's room #114

2:35 - 3:30


After School Parking/Extra Curricular Info for Parents

For gym pick up/drop off parking, please use the staff parking lot on the west side of the building.  The entry door alongside the Library (through the courtyard) is set to be open for after school programs.

Students who remain after school must be supervised by an adult; so if students have a late practice, they must go off campus to a safe and supervised place, (home, friend’s home with parent permission, etc.) and then return for their practice not earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of practice.

On Wednesdays we provide a supervised area in the Cafeteria from 1:10 to the start of the first practice.  Students who have late practice should not stay here as there is no supervision between the first and second practices.  If game day falls on a Wednesday, athletes may remain supervised in the Cafeteria until their coach is ready for them.  Spectators may not stay in the Cafeteria since they are not signed up for a sport and do not have supervision.

Some students choose to leave campus to walk to the store.  We highly discourage this!  We hope that students who choose to walk down to the Circle K have obtained permission from their parents/guardians.  Please know the road to the store has no sidewalk in the lower area and the speed limit is at least 40mph, making it hard for cars to see as they round the corner.  Drivers have reported that they often see kids in the road instead of off to the side in the gravel/weeds where the sidewalk should be.  The student athletes who leave school instead of remaining in the Cafeteria on Wednesdays may not return to school and expect to get in; this is disruptive and makes it hard for our supervisors to keep track of kids.

The door by the Library is typically open in the mornings for those students coming to jazz band, intramurals and other morning activities.

For fall and spring sports, please utilize the lower parking lot (north of the track along 15th Avenue) when convenient.  This provides additional parking.  The Bus Loop will soon be gated off because athletic busses have had a hard time turning around when the Bus Loop is filled with parked cars.  There is also a fire lane along the bus loop next to the school that is supposed to be kept clear of parked cars.

Unless students are coming to school early for an organized activity/meeting, they should not be here prior to 7:30 when the doors are open to the general student body.  We realize many are dropped off by parents/siblings on their way to work/school, but we are not set up to supervise prior to 7:30 and it is especially cold in the winter for students to be outside waiting to enter.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Morning Student Drop Off
The building does not open to students until 7:30 a.m. Do not drop off students before this time.