Desert Hills Dress Code
  1. Students need to remember that how they look/dress affects how others will treat them.  A student’s dress or appearance cannot cause a disruption at school.  Clothing must be modest and without unnecessary exposure, vulgar or sexual content, drug/alcohol/tobacco references or advertisements.  Dress must promote learning and safety.  In addition:

Ø  Clothing is to fit the individual; sagging pants or extremely oversized clothing is not to be worn.

Ø  Pants must be worn at the waistline.

Ø  Undergarments must be completely covered.

Ø  Shirt necklines must dip no lower in the front than even with the underarm.

Ø  Tank tops must have straps that are at least as wide as two fingers and arm holes no lower than mid bicep.

Ø  Dresses, shorts, and skirts must be modest. (Modesty is determined by administrators and teachers-the standard we expect is that when students have their hands at their sides, the dresses, shorts, and skirts should be at least fingertip length or lower)

Ø  No hats or head coverings may be worn.

Ø  Bandanas of any kind or color are not allowed.

Ø  Any behavior, clothing, or communication associated with gang behavior is forbidden.  These include such things as graffiti, hand signs, colors, inscriptions, belts, and weapons.

Administrators will determine whether garments are disruptive to the educational process, including garments not specifically listed in the dress expectations.  These expectations are designed to safeguard all staff and students and increase the educational effectiveness of our school.  Students who choose to dress inappropriately will be asked to change.  If students do not have appropriate clothes to change into, parents will be contacted and arrangements will be made for the students to go home or for parents to bring appropriate clothes to school
Office Hours

The DHMS Office  

7:30 AM to 3:00 PM 

Students will be allowed in at 7:30 AM

New Student Registration

you will need to bring with you:

Proof of Residency (PUD bill)

Copy of Immunizations

Birth Certificate


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